Here at pay you simply for your purchases with Klarna Checkout. You can pay by invoice, cards or via your internet. Payment via Klarna makes it easy, convenient and safe to shop with us. To read more about Klarna Checkout and conditions that apply, click here.

Benefits of Klarna Checkout

- Get always home goods before you pay

- Pay back - always 14 days

- You never give out credit card information

- Always 14 days in accordance with the Distance Selling Act *

- Download your invoices from

- Possibility of payment

- Klarna Checkout offers you a customized and secure payment experience every time you shop

- Klarna Checkout identify you using the information you enter when shopping and at the needs using information from suppliers.

- Klarna Checkout ensure your goods. You do not pay if you have not received your articles.

Klarna Invoice - Shop now - pay after delivery:

When you pay via Klarna invoice is safe and easy. You never need to provide your card details, and always pay after you received your goods. Learn more about Klarna's terms for invoice here

Klarna Account - Pay from 50 SEK / month:

Payment way for you who want to choose how much you pay each month. But Klarna account is more than that. Besides making sure you get your goods before you pay, you collect all your purchases in one account. This applies even if you have shopped at several different stores via Klarna account. That means a single invoice, regardless of the number of purchases.

By Klarna Checkout, you will be offered different options for payment of purchases made at participating shops. Klarna Checkout presents some information for you once you are identified. What information do you need to enter in order to achieve identification may vary from buying opportunities and customers. No credit check is never directly in Klarna Checkout without the need of the payment option you selected. Credit taken by Klarna will not affect your credit rating and can not be viewed by others who request credit information about you, such as banks. After you have identified exhibit Klarna Checkout what options are available to you. Invoice is the default payment option but you can of course free to choose any of the other options such as direct payment via bank or payment by card. The options you are offered may change from time to time. You can choose if you want to protect your use of Klarna Checkout using a PIN.

By entering or request information in Klarna Checkout, you agree to our Terms of Use and our use of your personal information as set forth below.

Klarna's terms of use

Using cash service Klarna Checkout, you agree Klarna AB (556737-0431, Northern stationsgatan 61, 113 43 Stockholm) conditions such as the presented below, including any attachments or other materials which reference (the "Terms"). As you enter or requesting information begin using Klarna Checkout. In this way, you also agree to our processing of your personal data, including the ability for us to transfer the data to third parties or for treatment outside the EU / EEA.

you warrant that any information you provide is correct and yours, or that you are authorized to act, the person, and that you may enter into contracts freely and without a guardian, trustee or other person's consent.

If you use Klarna for a legal entity (company or organization) account, you also state that you have authority to enter into this agreement for payment with Klarna and related purchase agreement with the store.

Identification, adaptation and risk assessment /> in order to safely identify you and prevent the unauthorized use or misuse of Klarna Checkout, as well as to meet the requirements of good creditors need Klarna identify you. Klarna collect additional information such as social security number, name, address and credit information from various suppliers. Klarna also need to use the information that you may have left on previous purchases. Additional information together with the information Klarna already enables the easy cash and buying process as Klarna Checkout means. Klarna Checkout automatically adapts its security, and thus conception, for every time you use it and you do not provide more information than necessary. In some cases, previously designated and approved by Klarna address to you. The risk assessment weighs Klarna into a number of objective factors but also information about how you have fulfilled our payment terms are considered. By completing your purchase, confirm the identification and correct shipping address.

Payment, fees
After identification and risk assessment indicates Klarna Checkout payment options that can be offered to you. Which payment option you choose, you are Klarna or any of Klarna's vicarious agents who handle the payment transaction while the actual purchase of goods or services is made directly by the store. Product or service-specific issues should therefore be addressed directly to the store.

Current payment options that can currently be offered by Checkout is Klarna invoice, account credit, card or direct payment through bank. Invoice is the default payment option. For the purposes of pre-invoice terms Klarna's applicable invoice terms. It costs nothing to use Klarna Checkout. Klarna reserves the right to charge any fees or charges that may occur through the chosen payment option, look into the individual payment terms. There will always be information on the conditions of each payment option before you make your choice. Klarna may at any time add or remove payment options.

use of data that are not yours or that you for some other reason not entitled to use the Klarna will be judged as abusive. All information related to abuse or suspected abuse of Klarna Checkout, for example, by specifying false or misleading information is saved and used for future risk assessments and to protect the parties involved. Your compliance with the bid and the payment terms also affect the risk assessment when using Klarna Checkout and thus your ability to make use of all payment options.

Personal Information
Klarna and its partners to process your personal data in order to offer you a simplified payment via Klarna Checkout and in order to simplify the payment process further next time you use Klarna's services. Klarna processes personal data in order to säkeställa your identity, manage the customer relationship, prevent abuse or misuse of the payment service, perform customer analysis, credit assessment, risk analysis, risk management, business development, commercial and marketing purposes, for themselves and for our specially selected partners, and to comply with applicable regulatory requirements in general. Personal information is any information that directly or indirectly can be associated with you.

The following are examples of personal information that Klarna deal:

Contact information - name, address, etc. /> Civic - used as a customer number in the customer management purpose /> Payment details - card number, billing information, etc.
financial information - such as information on income and any payment defaults (used in case there is a credit report)
Article detail - information regarding the purchase you make /> Information on your computer - IP address, language settings, etc. /> if you have been using Klarna can be stored information about you, for example, customer management, documentation or similar authorized purposes. To ensure your identity and simplify your use of Checkout Klarna Klarna will use any such information. Klarna may disclose the information to other companies in Klarna's business group, which also can use the information for the purposes described here. Furthermore, such information may be disclosed in connection with the transfer of the receivables to collection agencies or equivalent. The data can also be transferred for treatment outside the EU / EEA area to a state that does not have the same level of protection of personal data. Klarna care about the protection of personal data and will implement appropriate safeguards to protect the data. You are entitled to an annual written request access to the data relating to you. You also have the right to correct such information and opt-out of receiving further marketing communications. Klarna is the data responsible for the processing of your personal data. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Klarna on or at the registered address given above.

Klarna Checkout follows the so-called Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).