From the time that you received your order, you open purchase and exchange policy for 14 days. You are therefore entitled to return a single item or the entire order if you are not satisfied.
You have the right to open the package and check and test the product if the package is resealable. The goods must be returned in essentially unaltered.
Always use the enclosed return packaging for returns. Use another package the customer will pay for the shipping cost.

For a return to be valid, the following is required:
- The product must not have been used or damaged. (Also applies to animal hair)
- Any designer tags must remain attached to the garment.
- The goods must be returned in original packaging if available. Original packaging must be in the condition it was when delivered.
- It may not have gone more than 14 days after you loose your package.
- Underwear is non-returnable if the seal is broken.
If the returned item does not meet the above requirements, the return will be denied and
charge of shipping and handling costs charged to the customer.



1) Pack the product / s in the enclosed return plastic bag.

2) Attach a paper with description of what you want us to help you with, eg refund, replacement of the software, etc. Also write down your phone number so we can contact you if necessary.

3) Submit the return at the nearest DHL Service Point. Please keep the receipt for submission of delivery.

If an item is faulty, that damaged or wrongly supplied, you have the opportunity to complain about the product.
Sonny Bono is responsible for the product until it is retrieved by the client. If you discover damage to a package before you open it or if it is missing an item, please contact us immediately using the contact form on our website.
In a complaint, please contact as soon as you notice an error in the article. Get in touch via our contact form with the error in the message box.
If we believe that there may be a case of an approved claim and we'll take the item back for a more thorough assessment and will return with a definitive answer.
When we receive the defective product, we make an assessment complaint. If the claim is approved, we examine the capabilities to solve the problem. If this is not possible we will replace the defective product with a new like product, ie redelivery. You can also choose to have another be on the current item is not in stock. Would it not be possible to remedy the defect or replace the item, we will refund you ultimately. The refund is made automatically depending on how you choose to pay your order.
The consumer has the 3 year warranty according to consumer.

If the garment is used it must be cleaned before it is returned.


Have you paid the VISA or MasterCard will return the sum automatically gireras to your account.

At the invoice / payment, your invoice will be corrected. The invoice is delivered in a separate letter in the middle of the month.
If the invoice is not corrected, it is because the return is not finished.
Remember that if you acted on the invoice and your claim is delayed, you must still pay your bill before it expires.
If the claim is approved, we will reimburse you after the fact.
Sonny Bono refund the consumer within 30 days of the approved return / complaint.

Klarna is responsible for invoices. Therefore, we refer you to Klarna for all billing questions.
You can call Klarna on tel: 08-120120 10


Possible discount applies at one time of purchase and can not be passed on exchanges or future orders.

Used does not discount the purchase due you are not logged in or you have not filled in the discount code and still complete your purchase, this can not be adjusted afterwards.

The discount is used on the full balance and at a preferred return of the discount on the product / s you return.